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Realize powerful value from CRM that has the ability to map lead relationships

Competition for leads is high and companies are using multi channel strategies to advertise and capture shares of potential customers. An obvious role of a strong CRM is to help manage leads across those multiple channels effectively. Great value can also be realized by creating a relationship map of leads captured much in the same way each of us on […]

Lead Management – More Integration over features

Companies are constantly seeing new and innovative ways to interact with customers. To achieve that goal they constantly reach out for new channels and explore new ways to connect. The focus of these new channels often require new tools to manage each channel interaction. Traditional channels such as phone calls and emails still dominate the field. But […]

If you want to close to more deals consider a CRM that engages your leads

Lets face it: For multi family managers, brokers and agents and those in service industry the lead funnel is a complete mess. The top of the funnel is over flowing with leads that are responding to new and creative ads. Content marketing , online and sign ads attract many leads that result in an endless struggle to […]