Real Estate Industry notes Skyler360 disruptive power in lead management as Craig Rowe from Inman compares the system to Ironman!

Taking us one step closer to artificial intelligence, this service is what Tony Stark would invent if he were a real estate agent

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Google: Mobile searches are taking over! Choose a CRM that can best handle a click to call campaign


Google says that “more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”  In fact by 2017 advertisers will channel spending to mobile over desktop realizing far greater reach than a desktop focused adverting strategy.

In fact according to Google not only over 70% of searches are on a mobile platform and more importantly a click to call action is favored over a web form. Reasons for this include forms that are way to time consuming to fill on mobile, optional and required fields, and anti-spam measures which require you to lets and images. Web visitors convert to leads at a much lower percentage than people who call: the former might typically generate leads at around 3%; inbound calls (assuming that the visitor meant to call) will be 100%. Based on this, Wordstream estimates that calls to a business could be worth about three times as much as website click.

Recognizing this, Google has created call-only campaigns that eliminate the possibility of a website visit from the ad – and always show the call button, irrespective of ad position. But is your CRM ready to handle a click to call campaign?

Leads that call often experience frustration. Often reaching voice mails they simply end up waiting for someone to respond with substance. Answering services and call centers are an expensive alternatives. In addition for companies phone calls are difficult to track and measure: Who took the call? What happened to that call? Was information sent? Anyone followed up? Solutions that provide partial call logging are passive: if no further data is added by the agent all the value will be lost.

Engage a solution that can create a true business moment by managing the call interaction – end to end. Not only log a call but engage leads at point of contact: Find out what they want and have the CRM actually accomplish it! And in case you forgot to followup have your CRM do it for you!

Realize powerful value from CRM that has the ability to map lead relationships

Competition for leads is high and companies are using multi channel strategies to advertise and capture shares of potential customers. An obvious role of a strong CRM is to help manage leads across those multiple channels effectively.

Great value can also be realized by creating a relationship map of leads captured much in the same way each of us on LinkedIn is offered additional connection points to the new contact added. For example you added a partner in one company LinkedIn suggests others that you might also want to get to know in the same circle of influence.

As leads travel through the journey to becoming customers they bring along other connection points which should be also be instantly captured. Those additional connections will not also potentially become leads themselves but also serve as important leverage points to guide the lead into an ultimate purchase.

Consider for example the real estate industry where a husband calls for a house put up for sale. The value of capturing the information of the wife, the interior designer, and the lawyer will being two crucial benefits: First they can be used to help explain away any obstacles raised by the husband. Second those additional connection points are ripe potential customers as their needs change in the future. Having transaction history and prior established relationships create a communication channel between you and your lead that gives you preference for any future needs.

To maximize your sales potential use a CRM that not only keeps track of your NEW leads but also instantly captures your LEADS LEADS!

Lead Management – More Integration over features

Companies are constantly seeing new and innovative ways to interact with customers. To achieve that goal they constantly reach out for new channels and explore new ways to connect. The focus of these new channels often require new tools to manage each channel interaction.

Traditional channels such as phone calls and emails still dominate the field. But new ways to connect in such as live chat, video chat, company website and social media are gaining momentum. However these new platforms bring their own data challenges that companies have to reconcile before they can realize the value of the channel.

Integration is essential over channel specific value tool

Adding a new channel is major step to any company and is important for growth. Equally important is proper integration with the existing CRM to realize the new channel value.

Invest in technology that integrates data and systems to get a single view of the customer. 

If you want to close to more deals consider a CRM that engages your leads

Lets face it: For multi family managers, brokers and agents and those in service industry the lead funnel is a complete mess. The top of the funnel is over flowing with leads that are responding to new and creative ads. Content marketing , online and sign ads attract many leads that result in an endless struggle to find the most promising sales leads.

Our study shows that 68% simply handle what they can and leave the rest of the leads to overflow. Others find themselves scrambling to put together a solution to gather basic contact information in Outlook, Excel, and other online contact management solutions. More sophisticated approach include MAPS (Marketing Automation Platforms) but those do not cover the important channels such as incoming phone calls. In addition 72% of sales people do not believe that automatic replies are effective since the prospect is has not been qualified.

Disrupting the current model

Create a model which can provide a credible source of leads placed in between marketing and agents involved in closing a sale.  The good news is that you don’t need to hire on site staff to create this model. The solution lays in an integrated cloud based system that can provide an automated lead based profiling at the point of contact.

Studies show: CRM that integrates context driven responses drive higher conversion rates

Standard automatic responses to lead inquires are dead. Those days are simply gone. In this new world potential leads are seeking a personalized experience from the initial point of contact. Even if you are “unable” to respond.

But to give every lead that personalized experience you need to context. You need to understand what the lead wants on an individual level. Where is that lead on his journey? What is he looking for? And what he needs next?

Once you establish the context you can connect. And that connection provides a meaningful interaction that fuels higher conversion rates. When you deliver content within the context of the latest interaction you had with your lead you have a powerful combination.

Your CRM should allow for a tailored experience for each lead at every stage of the journey. By insuring that those experiences are personalized you can increase attraction, retention, and ultimately wallet share.