EXP - Case Study - Pat Hays

1.About Pat Hays at EXP

The Pat Hays Group at eXp Realty is a team of 5 real estate agents led by Pat Hays in San Antonio, TX.

Pat formed his real estate team upon joining eXp Realty over 2 years ago. Prior to joining eXp Realty, Pat was the #1 residential real agent with sales of $12.6M working at a boutique brokerage in 2015.

When Pat formed his team, he had a long-term vision of growing his team and sales to $25M and continuing to $50M and beyond. He generates leads through real estate postings to Craig’s List and Facebook in addition to paid lead generation from eXp Realty’s Making It Rain program and kunversion Leads via Facebook Pay per Click.  The Pat Hays Group currently generates approximately 70 Leads per week and growing.


Pat soon discovered the difficulty of answering all the calls and texts from leads. Passing the leads to his team, and keeping track of all the leads he was generating while making sure his agents were truly working and following up on all the leads soon became a difficult task. He became very frustrated with the inability to organize, control, and manage the leads he was generating while also monitoring the progress of his agents working their good/hot leads.

3.The Solution

Pat was attending a Continuing Education training seminar in November 2017 at a local real estate education facility where he saw a live demo of Skyler360. He became excited to finally see a system platform which had the ability to screen many leads using artificial intelligence, which would enable his team to focus only on the hot leads and not be disrupted by answering new lead calls.  

The Skyler360 platform also allows Pat to see what Skyler360 was doing with the leads calling in and what his agents were doing with all their good/hot leads. More importantly, Skyler360 gave Pat the ability to exponentially grow his real estate business and its capabilities.  

4.Proven Results

Pat immediately contacted Skyler360 and soon began setting up and using the Skyler360 platform.  Because of his out-of town travel schedule, Pat did not focus on Skyler360 until January 2018.

As of June 18, 2018, Skyler360 has answered over 1000 phone calls/kunversion inquiries, including 358 calls & inquiries Pat or his agents didn’t have to answer. Skyler360 sent a conversational text or email greeting to 100% of the leads received, solicited two-way conversational engagement with ALL 358 leads in an INITIAL greeting and engaged in two-way communication with 51 of 358 Leads (14%).  Pat or his team were not required to answer calls from 307 Leads (86%) who were not serious buyers, a HUGE productivity benefit of Skyler360.

Based on housing price points in the San Antonio market, and the extent and scope of our lead generation advertising actions. Skyler360 engaged, screened, and confirmed the following stats for The Pat Hays Group through March 15, 2018:

  • Engaged in two-way communication with 51 of 358 Leads (14%)
  • 8 of 51 Leads (16%) left a Voicemail
  • 4 of 51 Leads ( 8%) were Cash Buyers
  • 6 of 51 Leads (12%) Needed Financing
  • 2 of 6 Leads Needing Financing (33%) wanted to be transferred to our Loan Officer
  • 1 of 51 Leads (2%) was looking for Seller/Owner Financing
  • 10 of 51 (20%) Leads Skyler360 engaged with wanted to speak with a professional Team real estate agent
  • 2 Leads (4%) have been sent to our Loan Officer for financing; 2 Leads (4%) have been sent to our Credit Repair rep

Skyler360 disperses the leads to Pat’s agents using a “Round Robin” style rotation.  Skyler360 shows the text/email traffic trail for all leads and indicates if a lead left a voicemail. Skyler360 groups & labels lead calls based on the lead’s response to artificial intelligence programmed into Pat’s Skyler360 Text Tree. Pat’s team also has the ability to send individual or mass texts and emails and “drip” on cold leads from within Skyler360.

As manager of his team, Pat can easily view the text/email traffic for each lead. Pat can sort, see, and review all ongoing team agent actions taken with their leads that are entered in the Notes Tab by each agent. This enables Pat to view the work performance of each of his agents and see how efficient they are at responding, communicating and progressing with their good/hot leads.

When an agent is unavailable to work leads, ALL the Leads assigned by Skyler360 to that agent can be easily and immediately re-assigned en mass by Skyler360 to another agent at the click of a button, not individual lead by individual lead.

5.The Skyler360 Business Value

In summary, Skyler360:

  • Enables agents to focus on hot/quality leads
  • Is conversational artificial intelligence
  • Engages leads in follow-up conversations
  • Groups & labels leads based on their response to Skyler360
  • Sends out individual & mass texts & emails to selected leads
  • “Drips” on leads at scheduled times indefinitely
  • Is a multi-language platform
  • See examples of Skyler’s conversations below
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