Startup Guide

1.Welcome to Skyler360 #

Welcome to Skyler360! In this manual you will be able to become familiar with the important features of Skyler360.  By the time that you finish reading this manual you will be able to create and manage your own AI Driven Text Trees, manage and edit your Leads, create Tags, and set up your new Skyler360 voicemail.  

Skyler360 can be a very valuable tool for your business if used efficiently and effectively.  That being said, it is important to properly advertise and market your business, as Skyler360 is most effective when potential leads are reaching out to your business.  

Here is the roadmap this manual will follow to get you up and running:

  1. Record a voicemail so Skyler can answer the calls in your voice.
  2. The customer journey: Connecting your conversations to a business process
  3. Viewing and working with Leads


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2.How to Create a Voicemail #

In order for Skyler to support incoming phone calls from potential Leads you need to upload your voicemail greetings. This is the voicemail greeting that will be played when called. We suggest something along the lines of:

“Hello this is John with The XXX XXX Group in XXXXX.  I’m unable to to talk to you right now. I hope you’re doing well. Let me send you a quick text.  I look forward to helping you with your real estate needs. Thanks and have a great day”

There are several ways to record this message: You can do so on your mobile device or desktop. Save the file as an MP3 file. Here are some helpful links:

On mac:

On PC:

Now you  need to attach the voicemail to your Skyler360 line. It only takes a minute and is very simple. Follow the sequence below:

Open a new tab in your browser and type in your unique Skyler360 web address. For example:

Enter your username and password at the login prompt

From the Settings tab, open the Phone menu and select Lines

By pressing the gear shaped Action icon and opening the Action menu, select Edit Lines  for your corresponding line.

Navigate to the Routing tab on the Line Edit Form

Delete existing greetings by pressing the Delete button next to Message 1 field.

Once the file is deleted, select Choose File in the Message 1 field and select your new greeting message from your computer.

Press Lines Edit button at the bottom of the form to save your changes.

For more instructions regarding Phone Lines see the Master Help Doc page 113

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3.Preparing a Tag #

Tags allow you to catalog the messages in the tree or to categorize Leads. It also allows you to maximize your searching abilities. You can add tags using the floating ribbon menu available in Skyler360.  When utilizing an AI Driven Tree Tags exist to Group leads.

  1. In order to create a Tag press on the Add Tag icon from the floating ribbon.

  2. When the Add Tag form appears enter the Name of the Tag using the desired language, and pick the color you want apply for the tag using the Color Picker control.
  3. If tagging a specific Text Tree message, select Text Tree in the drop down menu when selecting an Area.  Then select Label in the drop down menu for Field.
  4. If tagging a Lead than select Lead in the drop down menu when selecting an Area.  Then select Group in the drop down menu for Field.

  5. Choose Yes in APP Notify control to push notification to your mobile device.

  6. Choose Yes in Desktop Notify control to push notification to your desktop.

  7. Check the box next to the agent’s name you want to share the tag with or Share All to share the tag across all available agents.
  8. Press ADD Tag button to add the new tag and then refresh the page to see the new tag.

For more instructions regarding Tags see the Master Help Doc page 83

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4.Integration with Gmail #

Agents can use Gmail to help with sending out emails from the Skyler system and also integrate with the Gmail scheduling system. In order to do that, agent must first authenticate a Gmail with the Skyler system, and an email will be sent to you.

In order to integrate with Gmail the following steps need to be followed.

  1. Go to the Integration tab by following the Settings dropdown to General and then move over to Integration

  2. Select the green plusbutton to add the Integration
  3. Fill out the following ADD Integrations Form by selecting the Agent from the dropdown menu under Agent, GMAIL from the dropdown menu next to Media, typing the Agent’s name next to Auth Name, and typing the corresponding gmail email next to Auth Email.

  4. After selecting the ADD Social Media button in the bottom right hand corner check your gmail’s spam folder for the following email and click on the Authorization Link in the email.

  5. Choose the account that you want to Integrate with Skyler360 and then click the Allow button.

  6. Go back to Skyler360 and refresh the page to confirm the Status as Approved.

For more instructions regarding Integrations see the Master Help Doc 

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5.How to Create the Conversation #

  1. Log into your Skyler and start at Settings
  2. Click the Settings dropdown to Skyler and then move over to Text

  3. You have now entered the Skyler Tree List.
  4. Select the green plusbutton to start adding the tree

  5. Enter your first question in the text box and select ADD Text Tree

  6. If you want to tag the message with a specific label do so by selecting the appropriate label at this time. If you haven’t made a tag at this point see the instructions above.

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6.How To Branch Off of the Initial Question #

  1. On the main Text Tree List page, select the Action button, then click Intent to start adding your Intent.

  2. This will bring you to the Add Intent page.

  3. The Intent is the main criteria for the desired response from the client: The Intent will only be one word, as you will add several intents for each question that you create in your tree.

  4. When adding alternatives it is essential to press the Enter key between alternatives.
  5. To continue the conversation, click Add Intent.
  6. To add the Next Text, return back to the Text Tree List and press the to expand the text, this will allow you to edit your Intent.

  7. Press the Edit button next to the Intent you have created, so you can start entering your Next Text.
  8. Select thenext to the Next Text button and type your question into the Text Box.

  9. Click Add Text Tree to add this question into your Skyler conversational flow.
  10. You will next see a screen with a number assigned to the Next Text that you have just created.

  11. In the Next Text box, type in the Text ID number previously assigned, and the question you have created will come up.

  12. Click Edit Intent and the Next Text will appear on your tree.
  13. In order to tag the Lead with a specific group if they answer accordingly, select the appropriate groups for the Intent at this time.  If you haven’t made a Tag at this point, see the instructions above.

  14. Repeat steps 3-5 to add more options and responses to diversify your Skyler Tree

  15. In order to see a graphical view of the tree as you are adding messages go to the main Text Tree List page, select the Action button and then click Intent Graphic View to view the tree in a more visual manner.

For more instructions regarding AI Driven Trees see the Master Help Doc page 92


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7.How to View Your Leads #

  1. Click the Contacts dropdown and click on Leads.

  2. To Expand the Lead and add Notes about the lead, click thebutton
  3. Click the Action gear, which allows you to View Leads, Edit Leads, or Delete Leads.

This is what the View Leads tab looks like

Here, you can view all of the information that has been collected by Skyler

The conversation history with the Lead starts at the bottom of Leads View as shown above.

For more instructions regarding Leads see the Master Help Doc page 9

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8.Common Lead Functions #

  1. Clicking on the Mail button, Add Lead Email will open up where you can email related information to the Lead.

  2. The blue hyperlinked numberwill bring you back to your Dashboard where you can view all of your Lead Statistics. You are also back on the Home screen where you can also access the Main Menu.

  3. This means that the messages were delivered to the lead from Skyler.

  4. This tag button will open up the Skyler Text Tags Page.

There are options to edit the Intent, Alternatives, and Next Text, and you can do this for each Intent that is attached to the selected Text.

  1. Within the Skyler Text Tags you can also click on the Tree which will bring you into the Intent Graphic View page, pictured below

  2. Another option within the Skyler Text Tags Page is the Intent Multi Edit, and the Edit Intent Page will open.

On this page, you will be able to Add a new Intent, Delete an Intent, view all of the current Intents attached to the selected question and the Tags associated with each Intent.

On the Edit Intent page above, all of the Intents can be rearranged into any order and are usually ordered by relevance of response by the lead based on the question

Ex: In the image below, the intents are rearranged to better fit the question that was asked.

When adding No Match to the list of intents, it should always be listed at the bottom. No Match is used as a last resort for the conversation, to keep it going when nothing else works, but it is optimal for other responses to be used before the No Match feature is used in a conversation.

No Match is a required  Intent and if you do not have a No Match, a red bubble will appear.

3 things to remember regarding Intents:

  • You can order the intents by moving them up or down to change the matching order of importance.
  • No Match should always be last.
  • The purpose of a No Match option is to ensure that the conversation ends on your terms and not the clients!

For more instructions regarding Graphic View see the Master Help Doc page 98

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9.How to Use Automessages #

Automessages allow you to send pre-written email and SMS Messages to Leads in an organized and efficient manner.   

Creating an Automessage is just as easy as creating a Tag.  Under the Settings menu select the Automessage option to see the list of Automessages.   

Open the ADD Automessage Form by selecting the green plus button.

The Setup Tab is where you will be entering the settings of the Automessage and the Email/SMS Tabs is where you will be entering the actual text of the Automessage


Sending an automessage is simple.  The first way to send an Automessage is to send the Automessage through an AI Text Tree Response.  In order to do so, go to the Add Intent or Edit Intent menu for the question that you want to trigger the Automessage and type the Subject Line of the pre-made message in the Trigger Email line to select it or press thesymbol next to the Trigger Email create and Automessage.

In order to manually send an Automessage open up the Lead that you want to send the automessage to and Claim the Lead.  In order to Claim the Lead select the Claim Program Status.  After you Claim the Lead you are able to select the SMS Automessage that you want to send from the dropdown menu.

To send an Email Automessage select the Lead Email Tab and select the Email Automessage from the Email Auto Message drop down menu. 

For more instructions regarding Automessages see the Master Help Doc page 87

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10.Disclaimer #



*  [2018] SKYLER360 LLC

*  All Rights Reserved. *

NOTICE: All information contained herein is, and remains the property of SKYLER360 LLC and its suppliers, if any. The intellectual and technical concepts contained herein are proprietary to SKYLER360 LLC and its suppliers and may be covered by U.S. and Foreign Patents, patents in process, and are protected by trade secret or copyright law. Dissemination of this information or reproduction of this material is strictly forbidden unless prior written permission is obtained from SKYLER360 LLC.

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