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Competition for leads is high and companies are using multi channel strategies to advertise and capture shares of potential customers. An obvious role of a strong CRM is to help manage leads across those multiple channels effectively.

Great value can also be realized by creating a relationship map of leads captured much in the same way each of us on LinkedIn is offered additional connection points to the new contact added. For example you added a partner in one company LinkedIn suggests others that you might also want to get to know in the same circle of influence.

As leads travel through the journey to becoming customers they bring along other connection points which should be also be instantly captured. Those additional connections will not also potentially become leads themselves but also serve as important leverage points to guide the lead into an ultimate purchase.

Consider for example the real estate industry where a husband calls for a house put up for sale. The value of capturing the information of the wife, the interior designer, and the lawyer will being two crucial benefits: First they can be used to help explain away any obstacles raised by the husband. Second those additional connection points are ripe potential customers as their needs change in the future. Having transaction history and prior established relationships create a communication channel between you and your lead that gives you preference for any future needs.

To maximize your sales potential use a CRM that not only keeps track of your NEW leads but also instantly captures your LEADS LEADS!ocean color dressesвредна ли алюминиевая посудакак лечить гингивитd’,vfcnthtips for visiting russiaтовары из китая киев