Rick Kaplan – Real Estate Industry Heavy Weight Notes Skyler360 Market position

I have seen many software platforms come into the real estate market, Skyler360 is the first with artificial intelligence to work with the end user and capture lead information for the property owner or broker.   Call 713-322-4146 and try the demo, let me know your thoughts on Skyler360.

Skyler360 is about rewriting the customer journey rules – not raising the bar. Building on the automation capability this patent pending system engages the lead with nested business moments. That means lead interactions at point of contact which leads to a tailored customer journey. Using concepts from AI the experience can be scaled for example profiling hundreds if not thousands of leads before agent intervention is needed at a more mature stage.

Essentially Skyler rethinks the value stream and moves the organization from REACTIVE lead logging to PROACTIVE lead engagement. To a lead Skyler becomes that first voice – that right now response from which the journey begins. As Skyler communicates effectively with the lead it also works to understand and deliver even on complex opportunities. This ultimately turns Skyler also into a PREDICTIVE tool: It engages the lead when its time to do so in the future with the right opportunity in hand. As needs change Skyler updates profiles based on behaviors and patterns. All automatically.

Skyler enables a true 1 to 1 interaction with all your leads which can be scaled across hundreds and thousands of leads to identify the right opportunity. 

Skyler blends the digital and the human in a beautiful way: Allowing for context specific interaction with agent intervention at key points. The power of NOW is embraced: Answers are given on demand, relevant, and adaptive. Skyler identifies and deals with customers on THEIR TERMS: content is optimized, relevant and time sensitive.

Skyler enables your customers to be LOYAL because they need to put a lot LESS effort to get what they want. Leads do not need to leave a voicemail, to talk with the receptionist, or hope to get a relevant automatic answer from some webform with complex captcha to prevent bots. In fact they can solve their problem as quickly as possible and move on to the next experience. This essentially enables lead micro-segmentation: Skyler knows what your leads need and gives it to them RIGHT NOW!

Skyler shifts the one size fits all responses. It displaces the thank you for calling voicemail that no one ever checks. It displaces the standard flyer. Skyler pushes the edges towards personalization. Skyler creates a customer journey map and provides empathy – although virtual – which communicates to the lead: I will help you right now with you want!

Skyler overcomes all this by quickly being able to crunch an incredible amount of data with powerful event driven rules. Skyler identifies and acts on an opportunity within seconds. This maximizes the sale and allows for companies to set off a series of followup events that help in retention and nurturing of the relationship.

Using Skyler is also FAST, EASY AND FUN. It’s extremely simple – allowing you to configure business moments on the fly. The bottom line: Skyler increases conversions and reduces abandonment by proactively engaging your leads.

Let me know what you think of Skyler 360 after you call for demo 713-322-4146.

Best Regards,

Rick Kaplan


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