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Skyler360 finds you qualified buyers automatically using AI (Artificial Intelligence). By immediately conversing with all your leads intelligently via text messages Skyler360 identifies the serious buyers. Now all your leads get a response 24/7, anytime, anywhere and automatically.

The platform also takes relevant action – like sending specific information or other material – further satisfying leads when they CAN and you cannot. Skyler360 moves the process forward with intelligent follow-up getting you involved at the right time with the right lead! 

Skyler360 customers span across the nations with hundreds of happy users. The platform already handled thousands of conversations, actions and followups. 

Out team won major competitions and have been covered by major papers nationwide. Join the Skyler network and get a powerful demo today! 

—–Houston, Texas, Apr. 28, 2017 /

American Dream Communities (ADC), a nationwide owner of mobile home parks, has announced today the roll out of the artificial intelligence platform, Skyler360 across major markets. The lead engagement platform will play a major part in helping ADC fuel it’s future growth.

ADC owns, operates, and offers consultation services for communities within Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Kentucky. The Skyler360 platform is currently being implemented in eight communities in Texas with more expected to come online as part of a nationwide rollout.

With the Skyler360 platform, ADC now has powerful automatic lead engagement through artificial intelligence capabilities. Specifically, the comprehensive solution gives ADC the ability to centralize operations with the platform, handling hundreds of incoming leads with intelligent real time responses including action and followup.

 Prior to Skyler360, ADC found it difficult to ensure all leads were captured and addressed in a timely manner. At times they found a gap between what the community manager reported, and the actual response time.

 “We have looked at numerous other solutions and tried a few with limited success. None were as robust and customizable as Skyler360. Our managers were astonished to learn how clearly the platform organized the leads,” said Skyler Liechty, Managing Partner of ADC Communities.

 Skyler360 is capable of meeting the unique demands of each park in different markets due to it’s flexibility through customization availability. Utilizing Skyler’s purpose built integrated modules powered by artificial intelligence, the platform helps track potential leads to assist in occupancy and retention within each community.

Skyler360 currently provides the manufactured housing industry with the most comprehensive system for community management of it’s kind. The platform can be expanded to handle integrated accounting, maintenance, scheduling, leases, community websites, and much more.

 “The business impact of the platform is huge. Our plan is to expand our use of the platform to include tenant and maintenance management; this is the future of community management.”

Currently, the platform provides productivity tools spanning across lead engagement, document management, accounting integrations, website, and other custom integrations.

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