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In one simple headline, Fortune Magazine captured the immensity of what we have come to expect from tech industry giants this year: “2017 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence.” 

Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM and every other major technology company has invested significant funds into their R&D programs in delivering new or advancing upon existing AI-driven engagement platforms.

In 2015 alone, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft spent more than $8.5 billion in AI research, acquisitions, and talent – and almost every other major tech giant is following suit in the development of new applications for AI and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way in which individuals innovate the world around them while simultaneously challenging the current way business is done – and real estate is no exception. The real estate industry is jumping on board quickly, and developments of platforms like the IBM-backed and internationally-recognized lead generation platform Skyler360 show how much artificial intelligence is going to simplify a real estate agent’s workflow to make themselves more competitive.

Seasoned REALTORS® know that only 4% of leads become the clients that will close a deal. Skyler360 allows real estate agents to hone in on that 4% by using Artificial Intelligence to engage and follow up with leads. Skyler360 sifts through all the leads, separating the ones that are not ready and not relevant from the ones that are, allowing the agent to focus on the viable leads only.

“Over 95% of leads are simply not relevant, and Skyler360 provides business value at every step by helping you find the right client at the right time to get the deal done – automatically!” Shared Ron Sasson, CEO of Skyler360.

It is estimated that by 2018, six billion connected devices will proactively ask for support and that by 2020, at least 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. The growth of AI technology has been parallel to the increased demand for tools like Skyler360. In recognizing the need for a formal training program, Ron Sasson exclusively partnered with Champions School of Real Estate® to deliver the Skyler360 Training Course to students across the country via ChampionsLive!, Champions School of Real Estate®’s proprietary live streaming course delivery format.

The program, the first AI training program of its kind, will give students nationwide a firm understanding of the concepts behind Skyler360 and how it works, effectively equipping students to begin working with Skyler360 immediately.

“Before embracing the educational partnership with Skyler360, we piloted real-time classroom demos at our Austin, Dallas and Houston Champions School of Real Estate® campuses to gauge student reactions,” shared Champions School of Real Estate® president Kimberly Dydalewicz. “What we witnessed was pure awe from students who realized how a platform like Skyler360 was about to redefine the industry.”

“Many technologies come across our desks, and we’ve seen many attempts by individuals aiming to redefine the real estate industry using technology. We’ve never seen anything that utilizes artificial intelligence like Skyler360 to help our students,” stated Champions School of Real Estate® CEO & founder Rita Santamaria.

As we contemplate the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on the world around us, there is no question that AI will change every single one of us – and soon. Is it time to jump on board with this cutting-edge technology?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes – and with Skyler360 you can start embracing that future now.

About the Founder of Skyler360

Ron Sasson is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. After college he worked for the top-5 consulting firm – Accenture. In those years Ron based his understanding of how to combine emerging technology with best business practices. For the last 3 years he has worked on developing the Skyler360 platform which adds business value from day one by using Artificial Intelligence to help you engage and close relevant leads. You can find out more information about Skyler360 on the website at and on facebook:

by Karla Lárraga, National Communications Director Champions School of Real Estate® –